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Keep your business clean and customers and staff safe from slips & falls. Contact Swan this month to to place your order for treated dust mops & receive two months of free service for new orders. Some terms and conditions apply.

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Swan Dust Control

Waterloo, Brampton & London

Swan Dust Control Ltd. is a family-owned Canadian business in operation for over 70 years, and has offered mat and mop rental in South-Western Ontario for over 40 years.  Swan’s head office is in Waterloo with another facility in London, and now, Brampton!


Swan is dedicated to a cleaner environment.

Swan is dedicated to using environmentally-friendly processes to clean and treat our products. Our reusable mats and mops reduce unnecessary waste, our anti-pollution technologies keep the dirt and grime out of the water supply, and our waterless mops and treatment system conserve our precious resources.



Tuesday Jun 27, 2017 | Messaging on Mats

Messaging on Mats

mat with snmiling faces and message

Mats should be a part of your business whether you are welcoming customers or reminding workers about health and safety.

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Tuesday Jun 20, 2017 | Swan Support Live Music in Waterloo Region

We support Live Music in our region More >>


Thursday Jun 8, 2017 | Avoid Slips and Falls

Avoid Slips and Falls

stick man falling

Our floor mats can help maintain a clean and dry surface, but there are many other items to consider to ensure slips and falls don’t happen.

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