Swan sponsors Mural for Waterloo wall of building

Colourful and fun large mural to be created in Waterloo

Last year Swan Dust Control and The City of Waterloo - Community Matching Fund supported the creation of a very large mural at the corner of Regina St. and University Ave. E. The mural was created by artist and muralist Pamela Rojas. The theme of the mural is the four seasons, and each season is represented in a playful and very colourful way.


This summer Swan and The Community Matching Fund are doing it again, and once again working with Pamela Rojas. This year Pomegranate Mural Collective​ - lead by Artistic director Pamela, a group of artist from the Collective will be painting together. The wall is outside of William's Coffee Pub, and China Garden restaurant on University Ave. E.


Some of the artists that you can come to watch create, and strike up a conversation with while they paint, are: Cathy Amos, Ralf Wall, Ann MacKenzie, Ean Kools, and of course Pamela Rojas.


You might wonder what murals have to do with the business Swan is in, which is mat and mop rental, but Swan is part of a community, and we all benefit from making that community a more interesting place with some art and culture. Just as Swan supports live music in the community throught their sponsorship of Cambridge Live Music, and Morty's Blues series. We hope to see you the last two weeks of August come on out to enjoy some "Street Art" Waterloo.  

 artist painting mural on wall

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Benefits of a mat rental service

Benefits of a rental service

black entry mat on floor

You take pride in your business and how you present your business to your customers, counts. With clean mats at your entry and throughout your business you provide a clean and safe environment for your customers and your employees.

Some of the benefits include;

  • No up-front investment
  • No inventory to store
  • Continuous clean item supply
  • frequent pick-up and delivery
  • lower maintenance costs

Swan offers logo mats, scraper mats and anti-fatigue mats, as well as wet and dry mops. Keep your business clean and safe from slip and fall accidents by letting us do the dirty work. We offer a large range of mat sizes to meet your needs. We take the dirt away, so that you and your employees can focus on what you do best, serving your cusotmers.  

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Managing Dirt is a Year Round Job

Managing dirt in your workplace is needed year round


dirty footprints on floor


The Spring/Summer is the time to review and renew your preventive maintenance programs.  An effective matting program can save thousands of dollars in cleaning costs and potential liability from slip and fall accidents.  Good quality mats, placed in the proper locations, serve as an accident prevention system averting injuries before they happen.   Additionally, mats can capture, trap, hold and hide dirt and moisture, keeping it from being tracked into the facility.  The end result provides a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for customers and employees while lowering maintenance costs and enhancing the preservation of expensive flooring.

  • The features and benefits of a year-long floor mat service are as follows:
  • Reduces slip and fall accidents that could result in injuries and legal issues
  • Provides a safer and cleaner environment for your customers and employees.
  • Lowers maintenance costs by preserving expensive flooring.
  • Improves cleanliness of your facility which equates to enhance customer experiences increasing revenue and profits.  
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Make a positive first impression on customers

First Impressions are important


Research has also found that customers would not frequent a store if they found it unclean. According to a 2010 retail consumer study  performed by M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store, 14 percent of consumers would cease visiting a store if it didn't meet their cleanliness standards, while 29 percent reporting they'd only patronize a dirty store if it were absolutely necessary.


Making a positive impression on customers can translate into more business and more success. A customer that has entered your place of business is getting an impression of you, your employees and the business space well before any transaction takes place.


According to The National Research Council of Canada, "People are affected by your appearance, whether or not they realize it, and whether or not they think appearance is important." In short, your visual presentation has consequences.


A customer should be able to enter a clean establishment and be greeted appropriately by the staff. A dust-free environment is imperative. If a customer touches dust as they're picking up an item, selecting a new set of wheels and rims, or when browsing for any other type of product, the experience can be less than pleasant and can place your brand in a negative light.


Focus on the floors. According to CDI research, 42 percent of people look at the floors first when judging the cleanliness of a business. Make sure to place heavy-duty mats to collect dirt at the door, and regularly spot-check any messes throughout the business day. A thorough sweep and mop should be done at the close of business.


Most business owners know it can be very difficult to continue keeping the floors clean, especially in high traffic areas. This can be remedied by placing floor mats both inside and outside the entrance. These mats will trap dirt and debris and keep it from being tracked throughout the business. Also, depending on the type of establishment and number of daily visitors, you may need to clean the floor a few times a day. Just remember: the floor is one of the very first things a customer notices upon entering the establishment.


How does your business smell? Air Freshener dispensers can neutralize odours rather than masking them. These can be placed in the business and they never stop working, ensuring the air is clean and fresh.


We all know how important good service is to customers, so make sure that the first impression is a positive one so that your business will get the opportunity to really “shine” for the customer.


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Messaging on Mats

Messaging on Mats

Mats should be a part of your business whether you are welcoming customers or reminding workers about health and safety. Swan Dust Control offers many options beyond your company logo. Just a few examples of other messages that can be displayed on mat;



  Quality is the key to success

  Attention to detail

  Safety First


These subtle messages appearing in the workplace can reinforce important concepts. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create your own messages on mats.




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Swan Support Live Music in Waterloo Region

We support Live Music in our region


Swan loves live music, and supporting it in our region is a no brainer. Music is good for the heart and soul and brings people together. Morty's Pub on King St. In Waterloo has Blues music on Tuesday evenings, 6-9 pm, no cover, becasue Swan is a sponsor.


Cambridge Live Music is a non-profit organization www.cambridgelivemusic.com that promotes live music found in Cambridge Ontario, and Swan has been a long time supporter.

Here is the line-up for Morty's Pub for the next few weeks.


June 20 - Morgan Davis


June 27th - Al Lerman


July 4  - Uncle Harry


July 11th - Mike Todd


July 18th - Cheryl Lescom


July 25th - Paul James


August 1st - Sean Pinchin


August 8th - Jonathan Knight


Get out and enjoy some music today!


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Avoid Slips and Falls

Avoid Slips and Falls



From time to time we’ll pass on a variety of news and information about Swan Dust Control, but primarily we want to use our blog to share useful information with our followers. We want to help you prevent accidents in your workplace or business. Our management team has experience with health and safety, and our team has worked in a variety of settings like high tech , aerospace and manufacturing. We want to share some of our health and safety knowledge to help you run a safer workplace for your staff and customers.


Our floor mats can help maintain a clean and dry surface, but there are many other items to consider to ensure slips and falls don’t happen. Have sufficient lighting, keep areas clear of clutter and always close file and storage drawers. The flooring surface needs to be clean and dry and ensure all electrical or other cords that cross floors are covered to avoid a tripping hazard. The Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety offers courses and publications on their website that may be of further assistance when reviewing the needs of your workplace.


Swan replaces wet and dirty mats and mops with clean ones on a regular cycle so you don’t need to think about that. Slips, trips and falls are some of the leading causes for lost time injuries. Take the time to learn how to make your workplace a safer place, and put changes in place before an accident occurs.

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