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Swan Dust Control's Mats will protect your floors, and help prevent slip and fall accidents.


Floor Mats

Floor Mats

Standard mats protect carpets and floors from wear and tear, and reduce the dirt, mud, and moisture tracked into the building. Swan replaces dirty mats with professionally-cleaned ones on a regular basis.

Many sizes available. Mats designed to capture dirt. Non-slip backing.



Scaper mats

Scraper Mats

These 100% rubber multi-purpose mats remove dirt and grime from shoes, and traps it in molded recesses. These mats provide a slip-resistant surface, and are perfect for high-risk and wet areas.



Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue Mats

These mats provide a cushioned surface that helps to relieve leg and back stress, reduce employee fatigue, improve employee morale, and increase productivity.



Custom mats

Custom Mats

Our mats come in a wide variety of colours and can be printed with your custom logo to make an impact in your entranceway. Same cleaning and replacement service as our regular commerical mats.



Message mats

Floor Mats

These mats can carry a safety message, have a product name eg. Coffee, or create your own welcoming message for customers.