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Swan Dust Control provides a variety of floor mats and mops on a rental basis at a very competitive price. We save you the dirty work by regularly replacing and professionally cleaning our mats and mops, so you don’t have to.


Why should I rent my floor mats and mops?


That’s a fair question. Essentially there are two main reasons:

  • Despite an employee’s best intentions, vacuuming will only remove about 10% of the dirt and dust in floor mats. That doesn’t even account for water and snow build-up, which can mold if not cleaned and dried properly. Rental mats are replaced and professionally cleaned regularly, ensuring that dirt and grime aren’t tracked in to your business.
  • The long-term cost of buying, cleaning, and replacing your own mats and mops is more expensive than the cost of Swan’s services.


What will Swan’s mats and mops do for my business?


Using our products and services will:

  • Decrease the amount of dirt, dust, mud, water, salt, slush, and snow brought into your building;
  • Reduce water waste, cleaning time, and maintenance costs;
  • Improve indoor air quality and overall “clean” feeling of your building; and,
  • Minimize the risk of slips and falls caused by tracked-in grime and water.