Monthly Promotion January 2022

Scraper mats are an excellent solution for your entrance this winter.  These rubber mats prevent the unwanted dirt debris and water from entering your building.  Order in the month of January and receive one month’s free service.  Some terms and conditions apply.   


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Employee holding a clean mat

Swan Dust Control

Waterloo, Brampton & London

Looking for commercial floor mats and mops?  We provide a rental and delivery service to provide a clean supply of mats and mops to your business.

Swan Dust Control Ltd. is a Canadian business in operation for over 70 years, and has offered mat and mop rental and cleaning in South-Western Ontario for over 40 years.  Swan’s head office is in Waterloo with another facility in London, and now, Brampton!


Swan is dedicated to a cleaner environment.

Swan is dedicated to using environmentally-friendly processes to clean and treat our products. Our reusable mats and mops reduce unnecessary waste, our anti-pollution technologies keep the dirt and grime out of the water supply, and our waterless mops and treatment system conserve our precious resources.




Thursday Dec 23, 2021 | Stop the Spread of Omicron

Prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace with Hand San 80!

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Thursday Oct 21, 2021 | CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer

Reducing our Carbon Footprint & Protecting our Environment with the CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer.  

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Tuesday Aug 24, 2021 | Wet Mops

Penetrate layers of dirt, absorb dirt and grime, and scrub stains with our wet mop!  

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Wednesday Jun 30, 2021 | Treated Dust Mops

Protect Your Business Floors With Our Rental Treated Dust Mops

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Tuesday May 25, 2021 | Benefits of a Rental Mat Service

Protect your Floors and your Business!  

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