Messaging on Mats

Messages and Company Logos On Mats


Mats should always be a part of your business.  Whether you are welcoming customers, or reminding workers about health and safety, Swan Dust Control offers many options beyond your company logo.  Just a few examples of other messages that can be displayed on mats;

  • Welcome
  • Quality is the key to success
  • Attention to detail
  • Safety First

These subtle messages appearing in the workplace can reinforce important concepts.  Digitally printed logo mats reproduce fine detail, fades and 3D images. There are twenty-five standard colours available as well as 300 accent colours.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create your own messages on mats.

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Social Distancing Logo Mat

Social Distancing Logo Mat- Special Promotion for July & August


With the current COVID-19 pandemic occurring throughout the world, it’s imperative that we continue to abide to social-distancing guidelines put in place by the government. Many workplaces are having to place stickers or arrows on the floor to ensure their customers maintain a safe space between other people in the building.  Unfortunately, with the stickers in place, there often isn’t as much room for mats.  However, mats are essential in keeping businesses clean, and cleanliness is what we are all striving for during this trying time.  Swan has the perfect social distancing logo mat for your business. You can customize it with your company logo and colours of your choice.  For more information, contact us for a free quote.

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Make A Statement With A Logo Or Message Mat

Logo & Message Mats


First impressions are important, which means the entrance to your business is especially crucial, as it is the first thing that your customer interacts with. Why not take advantage of our summer special throughout July and August, where you can have a special message or your company logo added to a single-entry mat, or several mats within your business.  Our digitally printed logo mats reproduce fine detail, fades and 3D images.  Plus, there are 25 standard colours and over 300 accent colours available.   Swan will continue to pick up your mat(s), clean them and deliver them back to their positions within your business.


Contact Swan today for a free quote and to learn more.

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Custom logo mats for your business

   Welcome your customers with your logo on an entry mat


logo mat on floor

You know mats keep your business clean and your customers safe from slip and fall accidents, but put those mats to work with your company logo. We can come to offer you a free quote, and a wide variety of colours and sizes is available.

Tooth Fairy dentistry logo mat

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Swan cares about the community

Food 4 Kids Provides food on weekends to hungry kids

                                               food for kids Waterloo Wellington logo

Swan believes in supporting organizations that support those that need it within our community. The most food insecure children that may not have access to food on the weekend. Many children particiapte in breakfast programs at theri schools, but can go hungry on the weekend. 

For just $10 a child can be fed for a weekend. Please follow Swan Dust Control's lead and look around your community to see who needs some  help. Children need food to thrive, to learn and to grown. You can learn more


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Swan sponsors Mural for Waterloo wall of building

Colourful and fun large mural to be created in Waterloo

Last year Swan Dust Control and The City of Waterloo - Community Matching Fund supported the creation of a very large mural at the corner of Regina St. and University Ave. E. The mural was created by artist and muralist Pamela Rojas. The theme of the mural is the four seasons, and each season is represented in a playful and very colourful way.


This summer Swan and The Community Matching Fund are doing it again, and once again working with Pamela Rojas. This year Pomegranate Mural Collective​ - lead by Artistic director Pamela, a group of artist from the Collective will be painting together. The wall is outside of William's Coffee Pub, and China Garden restaurant on University Ave. E.


Some of the artists that you can come to watch create, and strike up a conversation with while they paint, are: Cathy Amos, Ralf Wall, Ann MacKenzie, Ean Kools, and of course Pamela Rojas.


You might wonder what murals have to do with the business Swan is in, which is mat and mop rental, but Swan is part of a community, and we all benefit from making that community a more interesting place with some art and culture. Just as Swan supports live music in the community throught their sponsorship of Cambridge Live Music, and Morty's Blues series. We hope to see you the last two weeks of August come on out to enjoy some "Street Art" Waterloo.  

 artist painting mural on wall

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