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Benefits and Uses of Treated Dust Mops



While a rental floor mat is the best way to prevent dust from coming inside a building, some dust does make it inside and mixes with dust created from internal sources. Rental dust mops are of superior quality to alternatives such as disposable mops, purchased launderable mops, and brooms. Disposable mops are poorly constructed and are meant to be thrown away. Purchased, launderable mops cannot withstand commercial laundering, and home laundering cannot remove all of the dirt.


Some of the benefits of dust mops include:

  • Improved safety
  • Improved appearance
  • Reduced labour time and cost
    • The right sized mop, treated and regularly cleaned by Swan Dust Control, can eliminate up to 30% of the time mopping. Labour typically represents 90% of your cleaning costs.

    • Less airborne dust reduces cleaning required for off floor surfaces like fixtures, equipment and merchandise.

  • Protection of equipment from dust damage
  • Reduced furnace filter replacement
  • Reduced air conditioner filter replacement
  • Improved indoor air quality

Where can Dust Mops Be Used?

  • Concrete Floors
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Tile Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Light Fixtures
  • Ceiling Fans

If you have any further questions, feel free to give Swan a call and one of our Sales Representatives will be happy to help you!  

Autumn Roe at 10:29 AM
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Winter Is Here

Winter Preparation 


It’s that time of year again when we’re starting to get hit with snow storms.  Whether it’s freezing rain or lots of snow, this wet weather can make your business floors slippery and a potential tripping hazard.  It is important to ensure your business is set up with proper matting to help prevent slips and falls.  Furthermore, having mats and mops available to remove the salt stains off of your floors helps maintain a professional looking image.  Why not give Swan a call for a free, no-obligation quote?  They will help you determine what mats will work best for the high-traffic areas in your business.  Plus, it takes a load off your plate as you will no longer have to spend a copious amount of time cleaning.  Swan will pick up your soiled mats each service cycle and exchange with clean ones.  The soiled items are brought back to our plant for professional cleaning.  It’s as easy as that.  Please see our video below for more information. 



Autumn Roe at 3:04 PM
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Hand Sanitizers

Stop The Spread Of Cold & Flu


Fluctuating temperatures throughout the winter months brings with it more colds and flu.  Have you noticed that the colds going around currently seem to be lingering around much longer than usual?  Why not stop germs in their tracks before they enter your building by adding hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances and throughout the premises?  The hands are one of the most frequent transmission routes for types of infections.  Therefore, practicing proper hand hygiene is the easiest way to help reduce infections. 


Swan provides both hand sanitizer dispensers and stands.  Plus, the hand sanitizer re-fills free!  You only have to pay for the rental of the dispenser and stand.  Every two weeks, our Customer Service Representative will stop by and replenish the dispensers.  Order in the month of December and receive one month’s free service. 


Please see our video below for more information.  



Autumn Roe at 2:23 PM
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Trak90 Mats

Trak90 Mats

If you’ve been searching for a heavy-duty mat for your business, look no more!  At Swan we carry Trak90 mats which feature extra-course nylon fibers blended with traditional nylon carpet fibers.  This duo of fibers is designed to create excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil-stopping power.  Some of the other features of this mat include:

  • Superior Dirt-Stopping Power - Course nylon fibers scrape and wipe dust and dirt from shoes
  • Resilient - High-twist, heat-set nylon resists crushing to better trap dirt and extend the useful life of the mat
  • Fade Resistant - Solution-dyed nylon won't fade in sunlight or with repeated washing; impervious to bleach
  • Safe - Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

Trak90s are perfect for entrances with high use of mobility equipment.  Furthermore, it also stops ‘mat creep’ on low pile commercial wall-to-wall carpet. 

Give us a call if you’d like one of our Sales-Representatives to provide a free quote. 

Autumn Roe at 4:52 PM
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Change In Seasons

Is Your Business Ready For Fall?


Can you believe that summer is almost over?  As much as we want to hold onto the warmer weather, we cannot avoid the inevitable change in seasons.  Is your business prepared for the coming rain, colder temperatures and snow?  With children returning to school and parents heading back to the office, there is bound to be more foot traffic through your doors.  This of course, brings with it tracked in dirt and salt stains on your floors. 


It is important to consider first impressions of your business and the safety of both your customers and staff.  Swan Dust Control will place mats in the high traffic areas and entrances, so that any snow or dirt is captured by the mat before it’s even able to make a mess on your floors.  Our Customer Service Representatives will stop by every two weeks and replace the dirty product with clean stock.  This will not only protect your floors, but will reduce cleaning costs and wasted time that could be better spent with your customers.  Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote from one of our Sales Representatives. 

Autumn Roe at 11:58 AM
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