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How to prevent Slip and Fall accidents

How to prevent  Slip and Fall accidents

The Ontario Ministry of Labour provides Health and Safety information on their website. Safe at Work Ontario is the Ministry of Labour’s strategy to protect workers health and safety in the workplace. So how do you the business owner ensure that you maintain a workplace safe from slips and falls?

Here are some examples of steps that can be taken, from the Ontario Ministry of Labour.


• Slip-resistant flooring and slip-resistant mats


. Provide “wet floor” signage


• Ensure shovels, mops and buckets are readily available


• Remove debris, snow and ice


• Clean up spills promptly


• Remove clutter from walk surfaces


• Ensure mats are kept clean when grease or slush accumulates 


Let Swan Dust Control help you meet these requirements for your business with a mat and mop rental service. We provide certified "high traction" mats which are picked up to be cleaned and fresh delivered to your business, ensuring a clean and safe business workplace.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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