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Let swan provide you with clean mops on a regular basis, taking the dirty ones away.


Treated mats

Treated Mops

These mops use a unique treatment system that allows for efficient, effective, waterless mopping. The mops grab and hold dirt. Swan replaces them with a fresh one regularly. Protect your floors and use less labour with our exclusive mop system. Various sizes and handle type available.




Wet mops

Wet Mops

Standard wet mops work well, until they don’t! By renting your mops from Swan, you never have to worry about a filthy, ineffective mop head just pushing the dirt around; Swan will take your dirty mops and replace them with fresh ones.




Wet mops

Microfiber Mops

These highly absorbent and dirt-attracting mops make them capable of handling both wet and dry messes.  They not only attract dirt without the need for heavy chemicals, but their fine fibres leave no lint or dust.  Plus, their swivel heads make it easier to maneuver around furniture and objects.