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Make a positive first impression on customers

First Impressions are important


Research has also found that customers would not frequent a store if they found it unclean. According to a 2010 retail consumer study  performed by M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store, 14 percent of consumers would cease visiting a store if it didn't meet their cleanliness standards, while 29 percent reporting they'd only patronize a dirty store if it were absolutely necessary.


Making a positive impression on customers can translate into more business and more success. A customer that has entered your place of business is getting an impression of you, your employees and the business space well before any transaction takes place.


According to The National Research Council of Canada, "People are affected by your appearance, whether or not they realize it, and whether or not they think appearance is important." In short, your visual presentation has consequences.


A customer should be able to enter a clean establishment and be greeted appropriately by the staff. A dust-free environment is imperative. If a customer touches dust as they're picking up an item, selecting a new set of wheels and rims, or when browsing for any other type of product, the experience can be less than pleasant and can place your brand in a negative light.


Focus on the floors. According to CDI research, 42 percent of people look at the floors first when judging the cleanliness of a business. Make sure to place heavy-duty mats to collect dirt at the door, and regularly spot-check any messes throughout the business day. A thorough sweep and mop should be done at the close of business.


Most business owners know it can be very difficult to continue keeping the floors clean, especially in high traffic areas. This can be remedied by placing floor mats both inside and outside the entrance. These mats will trap dirt and debris and keep it from being tracked throughout the business. Also, depending on the type of establishment and number of daily visitors, you may need to clean the floor a few times a day. Just remember: the floor is one of the very first things a customer notices upon entering the establishment.


How does your business smell? Air Freshener dispensers can neutralize odours rather than masking them. These can be placed in the business and they never stop working, ensuring the air is clean and fresh.


We all know how important good service is to customers, so make sure that the first impression is a positive one so that your business will get the opportunity to really “shine” for the customer.


Diane Williamson at 11:42 AM
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